Davis Family Tree

John Henry Davis and Lucretia Eleanor Carpenter - The Fourth Generation - Page 1

John and Lucretia's Family Tree (my great-grandparents)


John and Lucretia's Life Events

John's Early Life

Birth 1853: Steubenville, Ohio – John Henry Davis: John is born January 9, 1853 in Steubenville, Ohio, the fifth of seven children of Simeson Davis and Margaret Ann McConnell.

1860: Chariton, Schuyler County, Missouri - In 1860, when John was 8 years old, the family was living in Chariton Township, Missouri. Why the family moved is not known but on the Census for that year it shows that Simeson was still Farming and John was attending school with Stewart, who was only 4 at the time. It is assumed the other children were all working on the farm. Simeson is 51 and owns a farm worth $800 and he has a personal networth of $530.

1880: Grant, Putnam County, Missouri - John Henry is now 27, living and working on his father’s farm. They also have a boarder, Thomas York (22) who works on the farm as well. Note that this is Page No. 30, District 5---on Page 31 we find Lucretia and her family living nearby. Likely this is how John and Lucretia meet and fall in love—at least I’d like to think so—perhaps at some social gathering.

As I mentioned when doing the history on Simeson and Mary, James Washington Wells (43) is living on adjacent property. He is Simeson’s son-in-law and John Henry's brother-in-law, being married to his sister Theresa Ann Davis who died in 1875. Two of John Henry's uncles, William and Edwin are also living with James and working on his farm as you can see on the 1880 Census below.

Lucretia's Early Life

Birth 1862: Keokuk, Iowa - Lucretia is born November 24, 1862, the third child and only daughter of William Albert Carpenter and Marha Ann Blue.

1870: Jackson Township, Keokuk County, Iowa - Lucretia is now 7 years old and living with her parent on a farm they are renting. John James Belveal (see line 18 on the census below) lives on the nearby farm and is married to Lucretia's aunt, Elzabeth Jane Blue.

1880: Grant, Putnam County, Missouri - Lucretia is now 17 and still living with her parents. Her father is still farming and all the children were listed as working the farm. Lucretia's uncle Isaac Carpenter is living on the farm nearby and is married to Lucretia's mother's sister, Innocent Blue.

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