Davis Family Tree

James L. Davis and Mary Patterson - The Second Generation

James L. Davis was born in Virginia (we suspect Loudoun County) in 1786 and died in1855 at the age of 69. We don't know where he died but suspect it was in Virginia..

He married Mary Patterson who was born in 1784 in Virginia and died in 1855 at the age of 71. I’ve found no record of who Mary’s parents were, nor where she died but suspect it was also in Virginia.

As far as we can tell all the children were born in Somerset, Pennsylvania so at some point James moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania.

To this union were born seven sons and four daughters. We don’t know the day and month James L. and Mary died, or where, but the family Bible says they died in the same year. I haven’t found dates of death for many of their children but we can see from the Family Tree visual below that Samuel died at one year of age; Constance died at birth.

The Family Tree

James and Mary's Children

I'll cover more on Simeson later in the "Third" generation, but in searching to find spouses and children of Simeson’s siblings I found very little else except for Alexander Davis--though this still needs to be verfied that this is our Alexander Davis. Also, the records I've found on Ancestry.com show that Alexander and Simeson died on the same day which is either incorrect, or a mystery to be solved.

Alexander Davis - 1819-1881

I have to do more search but I believe Alexander married Euphenia Lindsay around 1860 when he was 41 years of age--late to get married and having children from the habit of the time to marry young. They had two daughters, Sella J. Davis born in 1861 and Mary J. Davis born in 1864. I haven't found any additional informaion on the children or when Alexander and Euphenia died but in 1860 and 1870, they were living in Mead Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Euphenia's mother Jane was living with them. At some point they must have moved to Missouri since that is where Alexander died.



James and Mary's Journey Ends

The records I've found so far show that James and Mary died in the same year; more research will need to be done to see if I can find out where and and exactly when this happened.

Let's move on to the Third Generation, Simeson Davis. Click on Simeson's name below to continue.