Davis Family Tree

The Davis Family Tree

Welcome to a history of the Davis Family. Since I am tracking my family’s history the focus will be on my mother, Eva Mae Davis who was born in Grandview, Arkansas on March 20, 1928. However, all the Davis Clan will be able to appreciate the history of the family up through Eva’s parents, Arthur Lee Davis and Eva Mae Loving.

I was always interested in the history of the family, especially since I never got to meet my mother’s parents. Once I discovered the online site, Ancestry.com, I began my journey into history.

Granted there is a lot more to discovering your roots than surfing the internet but it has made for a great start. I also have to thank two of my mother’s brothers for providing a lot of the initial legwork. As I was helping my mother go through her boxes (and boxes!) of memorabilia I found a type-written history copied from an old family bible by Art and John Davis, plus Uncle John had put together a booklet, obviously done much later than the first typed document, that included additional history and photos. They stated (at the time they typed this) that the Bible is in the possession of Edwin Davis in Topeka, Kansas and copied it down at George Davis’ farm in Moulton, Indiana. Hopefully some day I can get a first hand look at that Bible.

My plan is to give this history to my siblings as well as my children and grandchildren in the hopes they lean to appreciate all the family that has come before them and understand themselves a little bit better for having taken that journey into the past.

As I learn more about genealogy I’ll add and correct this history as appropriate. I really hope to find out more about the Davis beginnings in Wales as we’ve only been able to go back to 1751 with our forefather and foremother, John and Mary Davis.

Let’s begin our journey...click on James Davis (1751) to begin