Scrapbooking and Photoshop Work

Digital Scrapbooking and Fun with Photoshop

As if I need another hobby. I always wanted to try scrapbooking but couldn't imaging adding even more stuff to my collection of tools and supplies that include fabric, trims and cake decorating supplies---I simply don't have the room! Luckily I discovered a magazine devoted to digital scrapbooking. I am so impressed with what these scrapbook artists can accomplish with graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop. I am admitedly at the basic amateur stage but when I have time I keep practing techniques. Click on the photos to see a bigger image.



I love the top photo of Gabrielle (Gaby)--it's so Lord of the Flies...









My friend Julie Paris wore one of my costumes to a New Year's Eve party in 2002.











One of the Digital Scrapbooking magazines had an article on turning photos into cartoon-like graphics so I started taking some of my photos and having some fun. To the left is my son Isaac, Aimy his wife, and my beautiful grandchildren. The smaller insert is my son Mike






This is my mother, Eva Anderson.











This is my granddaughter Sydney in her Dorothy Halloween costume.







And my sister Jody