Not Even the Rain Could Stop Us!

I got to spend a week up in Seattle to prepare for this year's Halloween festivities. I had made the kids costumes on weekends in September and early October and then shipped the costumes up to Edmonds to save suitcase space. I debated on whether to wear a costume this year--what the heck, why not! Aimy was at first worried that the invite list was a little small this year but we ended up having somewhere around 60-70 people show up. Isaac and I talked about renting a tent for the deck next year so we have a little more room and give the adults a little space of their own. Of course I bought some additional decorations which meant I had to buy a couple more bins to store everything---the Chappells now have more storage boxes for Halloween than they do for Christmas...well that's as it should be. I had a wonderful time, the kids had fun and looked great and the food was wonderfult as usual (thanks Linda for making the chili this year!). Oh yeah, it was raining all day but cleared up when it came time to go out and trick-or-treat. Who says I'm not lucky!

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