Queen Elizabeth & The Pirate

Queen Elizabeth Hosts a Farewell for the Irish Pirate Queen

GBACG usually hold at least one really large, complex event each year--this event was it. This was a sit down feast that required hiring someone to prepare the food and another to run the kitchen (the fabulous Janice Sellers!) and volunteer kitchen workers. It also required a lot of decorating which was aptly handled by Sally Norton who createda Greenwich tavern complete with candlelit ambience, pirate booty and lots of wall hangings. We also had music provided by New Queen's Ha'Penny Consort and dances were led by James and Cathleen Myers of PEERS. The premise of the event was that Queen Elizabeth I hosted a farewell banquet for the infamous female Irish Pirate, Grace O'Malley. At the end of the evening the queen pardoned Grace and she sailed back to Ireland to live out the rest of her life. You can read more about Grace here.